The Powerful Hidden Work Of SEO

The Hidden Power Of SEO

The Powerful Hidden Work Of SEO

I know many of you are wondering, is it really important to have SEO in your business/personal website? What is the powerful hidden work of SEO? I won’t be in a haste to answer the question, but I’ll make a small reference about our everyday life.

I’m sure most of us reading this blog has actually driven a car or at least boarded one before or worst-case scenario, seen a car before either face-to-face or in a drawing, though I’m really tempted to draw a car now, I guess you might have seen it in your imagination already so I’ll skip.

Catalytic Converter

In every car since 1975 or thereabout, there’s a small part embedded in the exhaust of every car, it’s called a Catalytic Converter, it’s a part of the car that converts harmful gasses like Carbon monoxide, nitric acid, etc into environmental friendly gasses like Carbon dioxide and water vapour by means of some catalytic reactions I don’t understand, but it’s doing a great job by making cars environmentally friendly, even though not everyone knows about the catalytic converter.


Back To The SEO

So I would have said SEO is what makes the web environmentally friendly for people looking for a type of product or a kind of service, but that is exactly what it does, and it also makes search engines like Google, Bing, Weibo, etc make websites/webpages easier to find online, and yet it’s the less-talked-about function of every website today, this is because people don’t know the real importance of SEO, I’ll definitely take you on a crash-course on it.

So What is SEO, SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the foundation of improving the quantity and quality of web traffic to a website through search engines (Mentioned some of them above), and it also has a sibling called SEM(Search Engine Marketing), this is a topic for another day, if you wonder why you type Urbanite Nigeria and we show up on the search, it is because that’s the keyword I added for the homepage of this website is Urbanite Nigeria, but there are lot of technicalities that come with it, that’s why we are here to help and to show you The Powerful Hidden Work Of SEO.

So, if you want us to help you make your website visible on search engines, you can reach us on our contact page or call or whatsapp us on 08091397912